Nicola Caulfield & Anthony Caulfield

are a writing, producing and directing team from London, England.


We started our careers by making film shorts, “The Majestic Side” and “Night of your Life” which won high praise at the 1997 BAFTA Short Film Competition, before we went on to make the comedy sketch show “Hals Hangover” in 1999. Our award winning drama “Crossroadz” was chosen by the UK’s Home Office and Youth Justice Board in 2004 as a primary educational tool for young teenagers because of its successful portrayal of issues relevant to youths.

In 2005 we were commissioned by the government of Macau to produce a documentary film on the East Asian Games.

In 2006 we worked with rock group ‘Pink Floyd’ to produce a theatrical version of ‘Pink Floyd – Pulse’ which was distributed worldwide and featured a re-worked soundtrack, which we worked closely with the band to fully realise and make as spectacular as possible for the big screen.

We have also written, produced and directed various acclaimed documentaries for both broadcast and commercial release, including ‘The Story of the Young Ones’, ‘Alternative Rebellion: The beginning of Britain’s Alternative Comedy Scene’, ‘Doctor Who - Stripped for Action’ for the BBC, as well as ‘George Michael – FAITH’ and ‘Jeff’s Wayne’s The War of the Worlds’ for Sony Music. We have made two documentaries on gypsy punk group ‘Gogol Bordello’ for Channel 4 and in 2008 produced the celebrated HD world music TV series ‘Soundcheck at Momo’s’.

In 2009 we worked with rock guitarist Brian May on the development of material for his book on 3D stereo photography that was released that same year. 2010 saw the release of our feature film, ‘Immodesty Blaize – Burlesque Undressed’, which was theatrically released worldwide later on DVD.

We have recently completed the official Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary documentary and are currently working on a new feature film project called ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’ which tells the remarkable, true story of the British video games industry between 1979 - 1996 and how the creativity and vision of a relatively small number of individuals allowed the UK to play a key, pioneering role in the shaping of the billion dollar video games industry which today, dominates the modern world’s entertainment landscape. To find out more please visit our IndieGoGo campaign.’