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ZX SPECTRUM Digital Films Pack Vol 1

ZX SPECTRUM Digital Films Pack Vol 1

With interviews from a range of developers and industry insiders these series of short films explore classic games and industry insights for the ZX Spectrum.

Running Time: 1 hour 

This collectable digital pack includes the following short films:

  • From Jet Set Willy to Mega-Tree: The Game that Never Was! - Matthew Smith (Jet Set Willy) and Stuart Fotheringham (Nodes of Yesod) discuss working at Software projects in the early 1980's and their infamous attempt at trying to create a 3rd game featuring Miner Willy!
  • Steve Turner: Making Quazatron - Steve Turner of Graftgold discusses why once he realised that the Commodore 64 classic game Paradroid, created by his colleague Andrew Braybrook, could not be converted to the ZX Spectrum that he could take aspects of that game and add it to a graphic demo idea and his classic game Quazatron was born. 
  • Sandy White: Making Ant Attack - Sandy White goes in-depth into how an attempt to make a Superman game led to the creation of his ZX Spectrum masterpiece Ant Attack. This film includes original design documents and archive footage showing Sandy's development setup from 1983!
  • From Equinox to Stormlord: The ZX Spectrum Games of Raff Cecco -  Raff Cecco takes us through his iconic games for the ZX Spectrum which include Equinox, Exolon, Cybernoid and Stormlord as well as his take on the now infamous Mikro-Gen story of their failed Shadow of the Unicorn game made to support their Mikro-Plus hardware add-on for the ZX Spectrum!
  • Julian Gollop The Early Days: From Board Games to Computer Games - Julian Gollop would go on to create legendary games such as Chaos: The Battle of Wizards and X-COM but here he shares his story of how his early love for turn-based board games combined with getting a Sinclair ZX81 home computer led to his inspiration for game development and the creation of his first game Nebula!
  • Mev Dinc Making Last Ninja 2 - Mev Dinc takes us through the creation of the ZX Spectrum classic Last Ninja 2, a seemingly impossible project started not long after the ZX Spectrum conversion of the original Commodore 64 classic was aborted!


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