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ZX SPECTRUM Digital Films Pack Vol 2

ZX SPECTRUM Digital Films Pack Vol 2

With interviews from a range of developers and industry insiders these series of short films explore classic games and industry insights for the ZX Spectrum.

Running Time: 1 hour 13 minutes

This collectable digital pack includes the following short films:

  • The Great Escape - The classic ZX Spectrum Isometric game The Great Escape from 1986 by Denton Designs is discussed by legendary Ocean cover artist Bob Wakelin along with developers John Heap and Ally Noble of Denton Designs plus author and fan Graeme Mason who shares the personal significance of the Great Escape game to him.
  • Steve Turner: Avalon to Dragontorc - Legendary ZX Spectrum developer Steve Turner (Graftgold) talks about how he came up with a new way of portraying 3D on the ZX Spectrum and how this led to his game Avalon, the creation of his company Graftgold and then Avalon's sequel Dragontorc. This film features design documents and rare archive footage shot from within Graftgold in the early 1980's. 
  • The Real Micro Men: The Fight for the BBC Contract - in 2009 the BBC's Micro Men TV play portrayed the legendary battle between Acorn and Sinclair to secure the coveted BBC computer contract in the early 1980's. In this film, Acorn co-founder Chris Curry and former Sinclair MD Nigel Searle share their own memories of one of the more infamous chapters in computer hardware history, of how the contract was awarded to Acorn (leading to the BBC Micro Computer), how New Brain we're squeezed out and how Sir Clive ended up having a fight with Chris Curry in a Cambridge pub! Federico Faggin also appears giving some more insight into the Z80 and 6502 chips.
  • Clive Townsend: Making Saboteur - A highly in-depth look at the ZX Spectrum classic game Saboteur from 1985 with the game developer Clive Townsend himself. This film features Clive's original design documents, archive footage and other amazing insights into his Ninja classic! 
  • From Batman to Head Over Heels: The Isometric Games of Jon Ritman - ZX Spectrum game developer legend Jon Ritman talks about how he met artist Bernie Drummond and together they created the classic games Batman and Head Over Heels.
  • Nigel Alderton: Making Chuckie Egg - Insightful short film on how a young teenage Nigel Alderton got hold of a ZX Spectrum and made his first full game Rocket Raider and how this led to him creating the legendary Chuckie Egg!
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