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Game Developers Andrew Braybrook and Graftgold founder Steve Turner discuss the creation of the classic Commodore 64 game Paradroid from 1985. In an immersive 'Deep Dive' filled with amazing insights of how the game developed and evolved, as well as rare development documents and other fantastic archive this is a must see for anyone who loved the Commodore 64 or the legendary game Paradroid.

This 50 minute film contains beautifully shot interviews interwoven with an immersive musical score at the pace of a deep dive that really goes into those extra details fans crave covering how Andrew got into programming and then meeting Steve Turner and joining him to convert Steve's ZX Spectrum games to initially the Dragon 32 and then eventually the Commodore 64. We then focus on Gribbly's Day Out before an in-depth focus on Paradroid which as well as details on the game design also looks at Andrew's famous diary in the magazine ZZAP! 64 with some wonderful b-roll of Andrew going through the magazine and re-reading his reviews as well as showing some of his very first games written in COBOL among other things.

Running Time: 50 minutes

Available formats: 1080p & 4K

Subtitles: English

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What is the new Spotlight Series by Gracious Films?

Paradroid - Creating a Masterpiece is the first episode in our new Spotlight series. The Spotlight series are special in-depthstandalone films featuring extended running times delivered digitally to fans focusing on a specific game or subject and can on occasion feature additional interviewees, with this first episode featuring both Andrew Braybrook and Steve Turner.

We have a huge archive of footage now amassed over 14 years and we have picked out some classic games and other subjects to focus on and the next episode in the Spotlight Series should be coming for April and will focus on the legendary survival horror game Resident Evil 1 & 2.