The Rubber Keyed Wonder Special Edition 'Bonus' 2nd Disc

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Help us create a 2nd Disc for a full 3 hours of Bonus ZX Spectrum Material

Contents include:

  • From Jet Set Willy to Mega-Tree: The Game that Never Was!
  • Steve Turner: Making Quazatron
  • Sandy White: Making Ant Attack
  • From Equinox to Stormlord: The ZX Spectrum Games of Raff Cecco
  • Julian Gollop The Early Days: From Board Games to Computer Games
  • The Last Ninja 2: Making of with Mev Dinc
  • The Great Escape - Making of with Denton Designs & Bob Wakelin
  • Steve Turner: Avalon to Dragontorc
  • The Real Micro Men: The Fight for the BBC Contract
  • Clive Townsend: Making Saboteur
  • From Batman to Head Over Heels: The Isometric Games of Jon Ritman
  • Chuckie Egg: Making of with Nigel Alderton
  • Finders Keepers to Stormbringer: Dave Jones talks Magic Knights!
  • US Gold & the Spectrum - US Gold's Geoff Brown on the ZX Spectrum.
  • Match Day 1 & 2: Jon Ritman on creating football classics - Extended!
  • World Cup Carnival - Charles Cecil on making a real shocker!
  • Peter Harrap: Creating the Monty Mole Series
  • Archer MacLean talks Sinclair computers (rare FBTB Outtake!) 

The First 500 orders will be personally signed by the filmmakers Anthony & Nicola Caulfield

Running Time: 3 hours

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